His Excellency Bayee-Arikai Tanyitiku
Executive Director
Association of African University Cameroon

His Excellency (HE) Bayee-Arikai Tanyitiku is the Executive Director of the Association of African University Cameroon (ASAFRUNICAM).  ASAFRUNICAM is a a strategic partner of African University Foundation, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. HE Tanyitiku provides strategic leadership and management in regard to the effort to build African University in Tali, Cameroon. 

His Excellency Tanyitiku is noted for his exceptional intellectual capacities.  He was first of his class at all levels of his formal education.  He attended Government Primary School, Tali followed by St. Joseph’s College, Sasse, then Teacher’s Training Colleges in Nchang-Mamfe and Mutengene-Tiko and then the National School of Administration and Magistracy (ENAM) where he specialized in Economics and Finance.  He has also completed a military training program of the government of Cameroon.

Governor Tanyitiku is a retired senior administrative officer of the Cameroon.  He served in several prominent positions during his illustrious administrative career.  His first appointment was at the Prime Minister’s Office, followed by appointments in various senior level managerial positions at the Cameroon Housing and Loans Fund (Credit Foncier du Cameroun).  In the Western Region, he served as the Divisional Officer for Bagante Sub-Division.  In the Northwestern Region, he served as the Divisional Officer of Nkambe Central Subdivision and Bui Division.  He also served as the Secretary General of the Northwest Region of Cameroon.  His Excellency Tanyitiku later became the Governor of the Eastern Region of Cameroon.

His Excellency Tanyitiku has been knighted in the National Orders of Merit and National Orders of Valor.  He is married and father of several children.

The following quote captures the essence of Governor Tanyitiku’s perpective on the African University: “Our lengthy discussions during our most exhilarating trek to and from the proposed site of the University and what I discovered at the Symposium leave no doubt whatsoever in my mind that we have before unfolding in Tali a unique journey to create a unique University in Tali for Cameroon, Africa and the World."