The Association of African University Cameroon (ASAFRUNICAM) headquartered in Tali, Upper Banyang Sub Division, Manyu Division, South West Region, Cameroon was established as a non-governmental organization (No G.38/C.64/V.7T178/SAJP) in conformity with article 7 of Cameroonian law No 90/053 of December 19, 1990. ASAFRUNICAM is a strategic partner of African University Foundation, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. The aims and objectives of ASAFRUNICAM are as follows: 1) Promote emotional and moral self-development by providing an academic environment where philosophical, belief and value systems could be developed; 2) Promote economic success and perpetuation of African University through productivity and efficient management and conduct of academic affairs; 3) Serve as a vehicle to seek financial support and other forms of support essential for the construction and equipment of African University in Tali; 4) Undertake various beneficial ventures in partnership with other national/international institutions prepared to assist ASAFRUNICAM in the realization of its objectives and mission; most especially concerning the African University Tali project.

Board of Directors