Dr. Dora J. Wilson
Member, Board of Trustees
Dr. Dora Wilson is Professor of Music and Director of the School of Interdisciplinary Arts at Ohio University in Athens. She was Dean of the College of Fine Arts at Ohio for 11 years prior to her present appointment. Dr. Wilson received her Ph.D. in Musicology from the University of Southern California and her Master's in Music History and Piano for Washington University in St. Louis. She also studied at Tougaloo College, Oberlin College and Harvard University. Prior to her tenure at Ohio, Dr. Wilson was Associate Professor of Music at California State University, Long Beach, where she served as Associate Dean of the School of Fine Arts. Dr. Wilson teaches graduate courses in music history and performance practices. She is the author of several articles on performance practices, opera, and the author, George Sand. Most recently she presented a paper at an International Medieval and Renaissance Music Conference in Tours, France and taught in a Study Abroad Program in Art History in Rome, Italy. Reflecting on his nomination to become a board member of African University Foundation's Board of Trustees, Dr. Wilson said: "As an educator, I find that building a new model of higher education in Africa to be an extremely laudable undertaking. I am impressed by the directions chosen thus far. Also, I am eager to be a part of the formation of African University-challenging in its complexity and highly conscious of its mission."