The Ambassador Programs

The Ambassador Program was established to assist the African University Foundation in raising funds to achieve its mission. The program provides opportunities for all volunteers who are motivated to help realize African University in Tali, Cameroon through fundraising. Thus, ambassadors play critically important roles in advancing the work of African University Foundation. The Ambassador Program includes individuals who are appointed for a renewable one-year period and who assist the Board of Trustees and professional staff in furthering the mission and fundraising goals of African University Foundation. Depending on vacancy, effective ambassadors may be invited to join African University Foundation Board of Trustees.

Ambassadors form a circle of individuals dedicated to raising funds for their specific African University Foundation program or project. They are motivated by their interest in advancing African University Foundation’s mission and focus their efforts towards raising funds to achieve that end using fundraising vehicles of their choice. While an ambassador may choose to host a special event such as a house party another one may elect to organize or participate in a community event such as a walk, run or soccer tournament.

There are many opportunities for an ambassador to design a fundraising event. African University Foundation professional staff will review your fundraising plan and help advise you to ensure success. Contact the African University Foundation to discuss this opportunity. Once your fundraising initiative is approved, you can proceed with your event.

We are looking for individuals who are committed and passionate about finding new ways of addressing African development in general and education in particular. Please reflect on the Ambassador role before completing the following application.

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Have you contributed financially to an African development project in general or African University Foundation in particular? (specify and amounts and organizations)

Describe how you have been involved in work to advance African development in general or African University Foundation in particular.

If there is one thing you could change about the problems in Africa, what would it be (in about 25 words)?

What is one of the most important characteristics of someone representing Africa University Foundation  (in about 25 words)?

Tell Us About Yourself:

What is your proudest accomplishment (in about 50 words)?

List at least two recent affiliations with community organizations and the role you played in them.  (Affiliation - Role - Hrs/week - Membership start/End Dates)

Why are you interested in becoming an Ambassador of African University Foundation? (Provide a brief statement of approximately one paragraph)

Please indicate those qualities you believe you will bring to the Ambassador Program.

  • Understand the mission of African University Foundation
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  • Ethical, know about the Donor Bill of Rights
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  • A visionary, strategic thinker
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  • Have good knowledge of the need for resources to build African University in Tali, Cameroon
    Yes   No
  • Recognize barriers to establishing a new international university BUT be able to envision ways to get around them
    Yes   No
  • Have a good understanding of the problems of African development in general and education in particular
    Yes   No
  • Communicate regularly with peers and constituents; define a constituency for communication
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  • Work well with others
    Yes   No
  • Able to lead and motivate an effective team for a specific fundraising work
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