Our Mission

African University Foundation was established in 1994 as an international 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization located in Indianapolis, Indiana. The mission of African University Foundation is to facilitate and serve the development of African University in Tali, Cameroon through ethical resource mobilization and management.

African University will be a unique international institution of higher learning that will ensure all deserving students in Africa and abroad the opportunity to acquire an integrated education, develop their talents and transform into leaders of society.

Through programming in integrated education, research, leadership development, entrepreneurship and public service, African University shall further the intellectual and professional growth of the individual as well as to enhance the economic and social well being of Africa. African University shall produce skilled professionals and an educated citizenry to further the socioeconomic development process and apply advanced knowledge in solving societal problems. The graduates of African University shall provide leadership in society in ways that do not only expand opportunities, but would also make Africa attractive for doing business and living.

African University Foundation will shepherd the process to build African University in a fashion that would allow for its replication in other regions of Africa. The Foundation seeks the support of individuals and organizations with the resources and interest in African higher education.

Our Vision

Overall, we envision African University Foundation as an international development organization that strives to optimize its processes and resources with integrity, creativity, and excellence as it advances toward establishing African University in Tali, Cameroon. To this end:

  • We envision that the African University Foundation will have a Development Office with a professional fundraising staff.
  • We envision a development staff working collaboratively to secure funding from diverse sources to move the African University project forward.
  • We envision that African University Foundation’s image will be as an exemplary international nonprofit organization.

We envision African University Foundation cultivating and formalizing strategic partnerships international development organizations and higher education institutions.

Our Values

We believe that to be the best, we must be different. The Foundation’s difference is an attitude that we care – a commitment to every action and business decision we make – and a sense of pride in who we are, what we do and what we mean to each other. We are individuals with unique talents and strengths, working as a team to establish African University in Tali, Cameroon that will be truly unique and responsive to the changing needs of the Continent of Africa. Our core values are integrity, creativity and excellence. Our core values will help us shape the present and pave a path into the future. We believe:

  • Our people will always be our most valuable asset
  • Excellent service, integrity and quality are African University Foundation’s priorities
  • Achieving maximum productivity is critical to our success
  • Prudent risk taking is vital to our long term success and growth

Innovation and creativity are vital attributes we must encourage and reinforce.

These beliefs are the key blocks for b