Academic Advisory Committees

The African University Foundation obtains guidance from committees as it implements the degree-granting programs of African University in Tali, Cameroon. We constitute academic advisory committees as African University in Tali, Cameroon emerges as a premier global institution of higher education. Membership on these committees is limited to academic leaders in their disciplinary fields of study who represent the range of degree-granting programs of a particular college of African University. Committee members must have a strong linkage to Cameroon in particular and Africa in general. African University Foundation shall establish additional academic advisory committees at later dates.

Committee Charge

Each Academic Advisory Committee is charged primarily with the responsibility to develop the curriculum of a particular academic program of African University. The mission of each academic program of African University will be linked with the needs of the community and its success will be defined by its contribution in creating employment and alleviating poverty in rural communities. To achieve this goal, the community-based curriculum should incorporate indigenous knowledge, experience, resources, and ingenuity. Furthermore, the state-of-the art innovative and practical curriculum will be devoted to enabling students to acquire and apply practical knowledge solving the problems of society.

It cannot be emphasized enough that the African University curriculum will be intensely practical, not theoretical, will be useable and replicable by rural people within the African context; rather than constituting the rigid imposition of a foreign technology not suitable for the creation of a self-sustaining African society.

Our expectation is that by devoting the African University’s curriculum to the principles of practicabilityusabilityand replicability, we are creating a uniquely African model for self sufficiency and continual growth, and improvement for the benefit of all Africans.