Board of Trustees Adopts Case Statement for African University, Tali, Cameroon

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA, USA, SEPTEMBER 11, 2007: The African University Foundation Board of Trustees voted to adopt a case statement for African University, Tali, Cameroon, the embodiment of a new educational focus for African higher education. The case statement entitled “Preparing a New Generation of Leaders” is a communications and fundraising tool.

Key elements of the case statement include the mission, vision, values, core beliefs, plan and campaign goals for African University, Tali, Cameroon. The campaign goals for African University are as follows:

  • Recruiting a talented and committed faculty
  • Attracting and providing educational access to a diverse and talented pool of students
  • Implementing innovative academic programs
  • Constructing primary academic/community facilities
  • Investing in technology

African University will be launched as a fine international university offering a new choice in African higher education and preparing a new generation of leaders. The quality of education at African University will be critical to social growth and economic development. The new institution will facilitate a renewed global partnership between Africa and the international educational community. African University will play a leadership role in producing skilled professionals in strategic sectors necessary to catalyze the development and application of knowledge in solving social problems.

African University Foundation was established to serve and facilitate the development of African University in Tali, Cameroon. The mission of African University will be to ensure the opportunity for all deserving students in Africa and abroad to gain an integrated experiential education, develop their talents and transform to become leaders of society.