Comprehensive Study for the Tali Community Area of Cameroon

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA, USA, JANUARY 5, 2008: African University Foundation has launched a comprehensive study for the Tali area community of Cameroon.   The target population of the community study resides in the 59 villages located in the forest area in the Upper Banyang sub-division, Manyu division of the Southwest Province of Cameroon (9° 30′ E, 5° 10′ N).

The people of the area are known as Banyangs (singular Manyang) and are of the Kenyang bantoid language group.  The village communities of the Upper Banyang sub-division are culturally homogeneous.  The inhabitants are mainly farmers producing cash crops such as coffee and cocoa and food crops such as maize and cassava.  Other livelihood activities include gathering non-timber forest products such as eru and hunting.

Results from the study will help African University Foundation design community-based health, agriculture, microbusiness programs for the Tali community area.  These community-based programs will be the progenitors of African University’s degree granting academic programs. A complete report will be available after the comprehensive community study concludes.   We thank The West Foundation located in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA for its support.

African University Foundation was established to serve and facilitate the development of African University in Tali, Cameroon. The mission of African University will be to ensure the opportunity for all deserving students in Africa and abroad to gain an integrated experiential education, develop their talents and transform to become leaders of society.