Dr. Gladys Ejomi Martin To Organize a Conference for Women Leaders in Tali, Cameroon

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA, USA, MARCH 9, 2007: In her role as Consultant of the African University Foundation Board of Trustees, Dr. Gladys Ejomi Martin plans to organize a 2-day (March 14-15) conference focusing on women in the Tali, Cameroon.

Dr. Martin, a retired Cameroonian pediatrician, has extensive knowledge and international experience as the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund Regional Health Adviser, Chief of the Center for Nutrition, and medical school faculty in Cameroon.

The purpose of the 2-day visit is threefold: a. To obtain some firsthand information about Tali and other villages in the Upper Banyang Subdivision; b) To discuss women’s groups’ activities with them and highlight some of their achievements, challenges and possible solutions; and c) To sensitize and mobilize them for their roles vis-a-vis African University.

Implementation of community-based programs is the critical first step to prepare for the launch of degree-granting programs of the African University in Tali, Cameroon. It is a strategy to enhance human mobilization and leadership development in the Tali community.

African University Foundation was established to serve and facilitate the development of African University in Tali, Cameroon. The mission of African University will be to ensure the opportunity for all deserving students in Africa and abroad to gain an integrated experiential education, develop their talents and transform to become leaders of society.