Our Work

The essence of our work is captured in our Development Plan. The plan presents our organizational mission, vision, values, goals and contextual assumptions as well as the strategies for moving forward.

Our Development Plan reflects the need of the African University Foundation to move forward in a deliberate and systematic fashion. The plan builds on past activities while anticipating and drawing from issues that will define the future of our organization.

The quality of our performance depends upon the quality of our people and our organizational governance and management systems. The issues and problems involved in the stewardship of African University Foundation are increasing in complexity, and they require the systematic and strategic application of knowledge, skills, and resources. As we move forward, we are seeking to become more intentional, systematic and strategic in the application of our resources to the problems we face and to ensure that we have the means to effect improvements.

Six strategic themes define the translation of African University Foundation’s mission, vision, values, and goals into action plans. By their very nature, these strategies outline the direction of our organization and the support needed for their attainment. The six strategic themes that orient our work are as follows:

  • Fundraising strategy: Mobilizing organizational financial resources
  • Planning and implementation Strategy: Planning to realize African University’s programs
  • Institutional partnering Strategy: Networking and leveraging institutional resources
  • Marketing strategy: Building public awareness
  • Governance strategy: Focusing organizational strategic directions
  • Management strategy: Enhancing organizational efficiency and effectivenes

African University Foundation is committed to mobilizing international resources to establish African University in Tali, Cameroon.